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A.9.13. Oracle::Table Extents

The Oracle::Table Extents probe monitors an Oracle database instance and collects the following metrics:
  • Allocated Extents-Any Table - The total number of extents for any table.
  • Available Extents-Any Table - The percentage of available extents for any table.
In Oracle, table extents allow a table to grow. When a table is full, it is extended by an amount of space configured when the table is created. Extents are configured on a per-table basis, with an extent size and a maximum number of extents.
For example, a table that starts with 10 MB of space and that is configured with an extent size of 1 MB and max extents of 10 can grow to a maximum of 20 MB (by being extended by 1 MB ten times). This probe can be configured to alert by (1) the number of allocated extents (e.g. "go critical when the table has been extended 5 or more times"), or (2) the table is extended past a certain percentage of its max extents (e.g. "go critical when the table has exhausted 80% or more of its max extents").
The required Table Owner and Table Name fields contain a default value of % that matches any table owner or name.

Table A.60. Oracle::Table Extents settings

Field Value
Oracle SID*
Oracle Username*
Oracle Password*
Oracle Port* 1521
Table Owner* %
Table Name* %
Timeout* 30
Critical Maximum Allocated Extents
Warning Maximum Allocated Extents
Critical Maximum Available Extents
Warning Maximum Available Extents