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6.5.3. Monitoring the Satellite Server

In addition to monitoring all of your client systems, you may also use Red Hat Network to monitor your Satellite or Proxy. To monitor your Satellite or Proxy, find a system monitored by the server, and go to that system's System DetailsProbes tab.
Click create new probe and select the Satellite Probe Command Group. Next, complete the remaining fields as you would for any other probe. See Section 6.5.1, “Managing Probes” for instructions.
Although the Satellite or Proxy appears to be monitored by the client system, the probe is actually run from the server on itself. Thresholds and notifications work normally.


Any probes that require Red Hat Network monitoring daemon connections cannot be used against a Red Hat Satellite or Red Hat Satellite Proxy Server on which monitoring software is running. This includes most probes in the Linux command group as well as the Log Agent probes and the Remote Program probes. Use the Satellite command group probes to monitor Red Hat Satellites and Red Hat Satellite Proxy Servers. In the case of Proxy scouts, the probes are listed under the system for which they are reporting data.