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6.2.3. Installing the SSH key

Whether you use rhnmd or sshd, you must install the Red Hat Network monitoring daemon public SSH key on the systems to be monitored to complete the secure connection. To install it:
  1. Navigate to the MonitoringScout Config Push page on the Satellite interface and click the name of the scout that will monitor the client system. The SSH key is visible on the resulting page.
  2. Copy the character string (beginning with ssh-dss and ending with the hostname of the Satellite).
  3. Select Systems from the left menu, and click the checkbox next to the systems you want to send the SSH key to. Click the Manage button at the top to finish.
  4. From the System Set Manager, click Run remote commands, then in the Script text box, type the following line:
    cat <<EOF >> ~nocpulse/.ssh/authorized_keys
    Then, press Enter, paste the SSH Key and add EOF. The result should look similar to the following:
    cat <<EOF>> ~nocpulse/.ssh/authorized_keys
    ssh-dss AABBAB3NzaC3kc3MABCCBAJ4cmyf5jt/ihdtFbNE1YHsT0np0SYJz7xk
  5. Set the date and time you want for the action to take place, then click Schedule Remote Command.
Once the key is in place and accessible, all probes that require it should allow ssh connections between the monitoring infrastructure and the monitored system. You may then schedule probes requiring the monitoring daemon to run against the newly configured systems.