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4.3.4. Differentiating between Various Versions

To compare different versions of a file across channels and revisions, use the -r flag to indicate which revision of the file should be compared and the -n flag to identify the two channels to be checked. See Section 4.3.11, “Determining the Number of File Revisions” for related instructions. Specify only one file name here, since you are comparing the file against another version of itself. For example:
rhncfg-manager diff-revisions -n=channel-label1 -r=1 -n=channel-label2 -r=1 /path/to/file.txt
The output resembles the following:
--- /tmp/dest_path/example-config.txt 2004-01-13 14:36:41 \ config channel: example-channel2 revision: 1
--- /tmp/dest_path/example-config.txt 2004-01-13 14:42:42 \ config channel: example-channel3 revision: 1
@@ -1 +1,20 @@
+Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (GNU/Linux)
+Comment: For info see
+iD8DBQA9ZY6vse4XmfJPGwgRAsHcAJ9ud9dabUcdscdcqB8AZP7e0Fua0NmKsdhQCeOWHX +VsDTfen2NWdwwPaTM+S+Cow=
The following table lists the options available for rhncfg-manager diff-revisions:

Table 4.6. rhncfg-manager diff-revisions options

Option Description
-c CHANNEL, --channel=CHANNEL Use this config channel
-r REVISION, --revision=REVISION Use this revision
-h, --help Show help message and exit