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Chapter 9. Generating Red Hat Satellite Reports

This chapter is designed to help you generate reports from Red Hat Satellite.
Red Hat Satellite contains a number of command-line reports:
  • channel-packages - Packages in channels
  • channels - Channel report
  • custom-info - Display system custom info
  • entitlements - Entitlement and channel list and usage
  • errata-channels - List of errata in channels
  • errata-list - Errata information based upon compliance checks against systems
  • errata-list-all - List of all erratas
  • errata-systems - Listing of each errata applicable to each affected system
  • inactive-systems - Inactive systems in Satellite
  • inventory - Inventory report
  • kickstartable-trees - List of kickstartable trees
  • packages-updates-all - List of packages that can be upgraded
  • packages-updates-newest - List of packages that can be upgraded
  • scap-scan - Results of OpenSCAP xccdf evaluation
  • scap-scan-results - Results of OpenSCAP xccdf evaluation
  • system-crash-count - Crash count for systems
  • system-crash-details - Crash details for systems
  • system-currency - System currency list
  • system-groups - System groups in Satellite
  • system-groups-keys - Activation keys for system groups
  • system-groups-systems - Systems in system groups
  • system-groups-users - System groups users report
  • system-history - System event history
  • system-history-channels - Channel event history
  • system-history-configuration - Configuration event history
  • system-history-entitlements - System entitlement event history
  • system-history-errata - Errata event history
  • system-history-kickstart - Kickstart event history
  • system-history-packages - Package event history
  • system-history-scap - OpenSCAP event history
  • system-packages-installed - Packages installed on systems
  • users - Users in the system
  • users-systems - Systems administered by individual users
To generate a report, use the spacewalk-report command as follows:
# spacewalk-report report-name
This command generates the selected report as comma-separated value (CSV) output.


The logging feature of Satellite is added by default in fresh installations of Satellite version 5.6 and later. If the Satellite is upgraded from a version below 5.6 the logging feature will be turned on at the time of upgrade and from that point all events will be audited.
This means that all users created before the upgrade will get logged from the time of upgrade. The past creation of a user and any past events will not appear in the log but all future events will be logged.
To more information, run the spacewalk-report command with the -h option.