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1.2. Assigning Roles to User Accounts

User accounts can be managed through the Users tab at the top of the Satellite Server navigation bar. To change permissions and set options for a user, select their name from the displayed list to display the User Details page, and navigate to the appropriate tabs to make your changes. Modify account details by making the changes and clicking Submit.

User Roles

User roles are used to delegate responsibilities to user accounts. Each user role has a different level of responsibility and access.
To assign a user a new role, select the appropriate checkbox on the User Details page. Modify roles by making the changes and clicking Submit.
The user roles to choose from are
Satellite Administrator
A special role for Satellite administrative tasks such as creating organizations, managing subscriptions, and configuring global Satellite Server settings.
This role cannot be assigned on the User Details page. A user that already has the Satellite Server administrator role can assign the role to another user by going to AdminUsers.
Organization Administrator
Performs management functions such as managing users, systems, and channels within the context of their organization. Organization administrators are automatically granted administration access to all other roles, which are signified by the checkboxes for the other roles being selected and grayed-out.
Activation Key Administrator
Performs activation key functions for such as creating, modifying, and deleting keys within the account.
Channel Administrator
Provides complete access to the software channels and related associations within the organization. Performs functions such as making channels globally subscribable, and creating new channels, and managing the packages within channels.
Configuration Administrator
Has complete access to the configuration channels and related associations within the organization. Also has complete access to the kickstart profiles and associated items within the organization. Performs kickstart profile, channel and file management configuration functions in the organization.
Monitoring Administrator
Performs scheduling of probes and oversight of other monitoring infrastructure. This role is available only on Satellite Servers with monitoring enabled.
System Group Administrator
This role has complete authority over the systems and system groups to which it is granted access. Performs administrative functions such as creating new system groups, deleting assigned system groups, adding systems to groups, and managing user access to groups.
Satellite administrators can remove Satellite administrator rights from user accounts, including their own, but there must always be at least one Satellite administrator.