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A.2.2. Apache::Traffic

The Apache::Traffic probe monitors the requests on an Apache web server and collects the following metrics:
  • Current Requests - The number of requests being processed by the server at probe runtime.
  • Request Rate - The accesses to the server per second since the probe last ran.
  • Traffic - The kilobytes per second of traffic the server has processed since the probe last ran.
The ExtendedStatus directive in the httpd.conf file of the Web server must be set to On for this probe to function properly.

Table A.2. Apache::Traffic settings

Field Value
Application Protocol* http
Port* 80
Pathname* /server-status
UserAgent* NOCpulse-ApacheUptime/1.0
Timeout* 15
Critical Maximum Current Requests (number)
Warning Maximum Current Requests (number)
Critical Maximum Request Rate (events per second)
Warning Maximum Request Rate (events per second)
Critical Maximum Traffic (kilobytes per second)
Warning Maximum Traffic (kilobytes per second)