Chapter 2. Product Notes

  • Red Hat Satellite 5.7 is only available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 as the host operating system. This means support on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is no longer available for Red Hat Satellite 5.7. Red Hat Satellite 5.7 can still manage clients using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6, and 7.
  • Due to an updated version of the PostgreSQL Embedded Database, the database location has changed from /var/lib/pgsql in Red Hat Satellite 5.6 to /opt/rh/postgresql92/root/var/lib/pgsql in Red Hat Satellite 5.7. Make sure to allocate enough hard disk space to this location.
  • Red Hat Satellite 5.7 now provides Power Management controls for clients through IPMI. This feature is supported on x86_64 architecture only.