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11.2. Upgrading Red Hat Satellite to a New Version

Once you have obtained the required items for the Red Hat Satellite upgrade, follow the next procedure to upgrade.


The following is a basic procedure for upgrading an Red Hat Satellite with Embedded Database to version 5.7. For comprehensive instructions and for other Satellite installations, see the /etc/sysconfig/rhn/satellite-upgrade/README file in the rhn-upgrade package.


Due to an updated version of the PostgreSQL Embedded Database, the database location has changed from /var/lib/pgsql in Red Hat Satellite 5.6 to /opt/rh/postgresql92/root/var/lib/pgsql in Red Hat Satellite 5.7. Make sure to allocate enough hard disk space to this location.

Procedure 11.2. Upgrade Red Hat Satellite

  1. Create a backup of your database:
    # db-control stop
    # db-control backup $BACKUP_DIR
  2. Change your directory to the mounted ISO and run the installation program using the --upgrade and --disconnected options.
    # cd /mount/cdrom
    # ./ --upgrade --disconnected


    Use additional options if your Red Hat Satellite is a Managed Database or External Database.
  3. Disable all Satellite services except for the database:
    # /usr/sbin/rhn-satellite stop
    # db-control start
  4. Upgrade the database with spacewalk-schema-upgrade:
    # /usr/bin/spacewalk-schema-upgrade
  5. Verify the database upgrade. The following commands should output the same version:
    # rhn-schema-version
    # rpm -q --qf '%{version}-%{release}\n' satellite-schema
  6. Activate the Red Hat Satellite. If using a connected Satellite:
    # rhn-satellite-activate --rhn-cert [PATH-TO-NEW-CERT] --ignore-version-mismatch
    If disconnected, run:
    # rhn-satellite-activate --rhn-cert [PATH-TO-NEW-CERT] --disconnected --ignore-version-mismatch
  7. Rebuild search indexes with the following command:
    # service rhn-search cleanindex
    This command cleans the search indexes for the rhn-search service and then restart it.
  8. Enable Monitoring and Monitoring Scout. To enable Monitoring without enabling Monitoring Scout, run the following command:
    # /usr/share/spacewalk/setup/upgrade/
    To enable both Monitoring and Monitoring Scout, run the following command:
    # /usr/share/spacewalk/setup/upgrade/ --enable-scout
  9. The upgrade process saves a backup of rhn.conf and other configuration files to /etc/sysconfig/rhn/backup-$DATE-$TIME. Refer to the backup copy of the rhn.conf file and ensure any previous custom values are set in the new Red Hat Satellite's /etc/rhn/rhn.conf file. For example:
    debug = 3
    pam_auth_service = rhn-satellite
  10. Restart all Red Hat Satellite services:
    # /usr/sbin/rhn-satellite restart
The upgrade procedure is complete and Red Hat Satellite is ready to use again.


Perform a database vacuum to reclaim space from obsolete tuples. See Section 13.7, “Maintaining the Database” for more information.