Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Satellite

1.3. Terms to Understand

Before using Red Hat Satellite, familiarize yourself with the following terms:
A Channel is a list of software packages. There are two types of channels: base channels and child channels. A base channel consists of a list of packages based on a specific architecture and Red Hat release. A child channel is a channel associated with a base channel that contains extra packages.
Organization Administrator
An Organization Administrator is a user role with the highest level of control over an organization's Red Hat Network account. Members of this role can add other users, systems, and system groups to the organization as well as remove them. A Red Hat Network organization must have at least one Organization Administrator.
Channel Administrator
A Channel Administrator is a user role with full access to channel management capabilities. Users with this role are capable of creating channels, assigning packages to channels, cloning channels, and deleting channels. This role can be assigned by an Organization Administrator through the Users tab of the Red Hat Network website.
Certificate Authority
A Certificate Authority distributes digital signatures to users as part of public key infrastructure for encrypted authentication and communication.
A Traceback is a detailed error message for troubleshooting the Red Hat Satellite. Red Hat Satellite generates Tracebacks automatically when a critical error occurs and mails the individual(s) designated in the Red Hat Satellite configuration file.