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4.2. Scenario 2: Managed Database Installation

This scenario details the steps for a Managed Database installation. You would use a Managed Database Installation to create a federated Red Hat Satellite infrastructure with the database separate from the Satellite server. The Managed Database also contains basic Satellite administration tools to maintain the database.
This scenario requires two hosts with Red Hat Enterprise Linux installed as the operating system:
  • One host for the Satellite Server
  • One host for the Managed Database

4.2.1. Downloading the Installation Media

The Satellite 5.7 installation media is available for download from the Red Hat Customer Portal in ISO format.

Procedure 4.9. Download the Installation Media

  1. Log on to the Red Hat Customer Portal.
  2. Click Downloads.
  3. Click Red Hat Satellite.
  4. Select 5.7 for RHEL 6 from the Version drop-down list.
  5. Select x86_64 or s390x from the Architecture list.
  6. Download the Satellite 5.7.0 Installer for RHEL-6.
  7. Depending on your preferred installation source, either copy the DVD ISO image to the Satellite host, or burn it to DVD media.
    1. If you will be mounting the ISO image and running the installation program from there, copy the ISO image to both the Satellite host and the Managed DB host.
      # scp satellite.iso root@satellite_hostname:/root
      # scp satellite.iso root@manageddb_hostname:/root
    2. If you will be mounting a DVD and running the installation program from there, burn the DVD ISO image to DVD media.