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8.3. Verifying the Setup

Once all the configuration has been completed, the following steps should verify that virt-who is detecting all hypervisors and guest clients:
  1. Log in to the Satellite.
  2. Click on Systems to go to the Systems Overview page.
  3. Click on a system name.
  4. Check the following information on the System Details page:
    • Checked-In Time - this field should update every time virt-who is run.
    • System ID - this should match the system ID of the guest client in the hypervisor.
    • Guests - this column is located in the Virtualization subtab. All guest machines from the hypervisor should be listed in this section:
      • Systems that are not registered to the Satellite will appear as "virtual machine from [VMTYPE] hypervisor [UUID]" For example, "VM from esx hypervisor 92ffdfd8-14a2-11e3-ad37-a213e27ebfdc"
      • Systems that are registered to the Satellite will reflect the name given at registration and will link to the Satellite's records of the registered system