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5.2.3. Bootstrap

The Bootstrap page allows you to generate a bootstrap script for redirecting client systems from the central Red Hat Network Servers to Red Hat Satellite. This script, to be placed in the /var/www/html/pub/bootstrap/ directory of Red Hat Satellite, significantly reduces the effort involved in reconfiguring all systems, which by default obtain packages from the central Red Hat Network Servers. The required fields are pre-populated with values derived from previous installation steps. Ensure this information is accurate.
Checkboxes offer options for including built-in security SSL and GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) features. These options are recommended for security purposes. In addition, you may enable remote command acceptance and remote configuration management of the systems to be bootstrapped here. Both features are useful for completing client configuration. Finally, if you are using an HTTP proxy server, complete the related fields. When finished, click Generate Bootstrap Script. The Installation Complete page appears.