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5.3. Message Transfer Agent (MTA) Configuration

If Red Hat Satellite serves Monitoring-entitled systems and you aim to acknowledge via email the alert notifications you receive, configure your Message Transfer Agent (MTA) to properly handle incoming mail. This is required by the email redirect feature, which allows you to stop notifying users about a Monitoring-related event with a single reply.
Sendmail and Postfix are two options for MTAs that can be enabled in the Red Hat Satellite server.


Only one MTA may be enabled at one time.

5.3.1. Sendmail

To configure sendmail correctly, run the following commands as root.
  1. Create a symbolic link allowing sendmail to run the notification enqueuer with the following command:
    # ln -s /usr/bin/ /etc/smrsh/.
  2. Edit the /etc/aliases file on the mail server and add the following line:
    rogerthat01: "| /etc/smrsh/"
  3. Edit the /etc/mail/ file and change:
    "DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')dnl"
    "DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp, Name=MTA')dnl"
  4. Process the alias with the following command:
    # newaliases
  5. Update the sendmail-cf package:
    # yum update sendmail-cf
  6. Restart sendmail:
    # service sendmail restart