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4.3.3. Mounting the Installation Media

Once you have obtained a version of the Red Hat Satellite 5 installation media, mount the disc or ISO image on the Satellite host.

Procedure 4.19. Mounting from a disc

  1. Log into the machine as root.
  2. Insert the Red Hat Satellite Server CD or DVD containing the installation files.
  3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux might automount the disc. If so, it mounts the disc to the /media/cdrom/ directory. If Red Hat Enterprise Linux does not automount the disc, manually mount it to the /media/cdrom/ directory with the following command:
    # mkdir /media/cdrom
    # mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

Procedure 4.20. Mounting from an ISO image

  1. Log into the host as root.
  2. Mount the ISO image to a location on your filesystem:
    # mkdir /media/cdrom
    # mount -o loop iso_filename /media/cdrom
The installation media is mounted at /media/cdrom/. Use this location to access the Red Hat Satellite installation program.