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13.8.4. Migrating from a Managed Database to an Embedded Database

The requirements to migrate from Managed to Embedded Database are:
  • The Red Hat Satellite installation ISO
  • A complete installation of Red Hat Satellite server ( with a Managed Database on a seperate server (

Procedure 13.5. Migrating to an Embedded Database

  1. Stop the main services on the Satellite server.
    [root@satellite ~]# rhn-satellite stop
  2. Shut down the database on the Managed Database server.
    [root@manageddb ~]# db-control stop
  3. Remove the rhn-upgrade if it exists on your server:
    [root@satellite ~]# yum remove rhn-upgrade
  4. Use db-control to create a database backup on the Managed Database Server and copy that backup to the Satellite server.
    [root@manageddb ~]# mkdir ~/dbbackup
    [root@manageddb ~]# db-control backup ~/dbbackup
    [root@manageddb ~]# scp -r ~/dbbackup
    The Managed Database server is now free for other purposes. All further actions take place on the Satellite server.
  5. Mount the Red Hat Satellite installation ISO on the Satellite server and set and export the YUM0 variable with the Red Hat Satellite mount point value.
    [root@satellite ~]# mkdir /media/cdrom
    [root@satellite ~]# mount -o loop Red_Hat_Satellite_57.iso /media/cdrom
    [root@satellite ~]# export YUM0=/media/cdrom
  6. Enable the red-hat-satellite repository. If the red-hat-satellite repository definition is not present, install the satellite-repo package found in $YUM0/Satellite. After the red-hat-satellite repository is enabled, install the @satellite-database package group and disable the red-hat-satellite repository.
    [root@satellite ~]# yum install @satellite-database --enablerepo=red-hat-satellite
  7. Use db-control to restore the database backup.
    [root@satellite ~]# db-control restore ~/dbbackup
  8. Edit the /etc/rhn/rhn.conf file to remove the db_port and db_host values.
    [root@satellite ~]# sed -i 's/db_host\s*=.*/db_host = /' /etc/rhn/rhn.conf
    [root@satellite ~]# sed -i 's/db_port\s*=.*/db_port = /' /etc/rhn/rhn.conf
  9. Add the postgresql92-postgresql service to the /etc/rhn/service-list file to ensure that it is started and stopped in parallel with Red Hat Satellite.
    [root@satellite ~]# echo "SERVICES=\"postgresql92-postgresql \$SERVICES\"" >> /etc/rhn/service-list
  10. Start the Red Hat Satellite services.
    [root@satellite ~]# rhn-satellite start
The database is now migrated from a Managed Database to an Embedded Database.