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4.3.7. Running the Installation Script

The following procedure starts the installation procedure for Red Hat Satellite using an External Database. Ensure to run this procedure as the root user.


The installation program updates all required packages, possibly including the kernel.

Procedure 4.22. Running the Installation Program

  1. Run the installation program from the /media/cdrom/ directory. To install to an external PostgreSQL database:
    # ./ --external-postgresql --disconnected
    Or to install to an external Oracle database:
    # ./ --external-oracle --disconnected


    The --disconnected option is required to prevent the installation program attempting to connect to Red Hat Network.
  2. The script first verifies the prerequisites Chapter 2, Requirements are met before proceeding with the installation.
    * Starting the Red Hat Satellite installer.
    * Performing pre-install checks.
    * Pre-install checks complete.  Beginning installation.
  3. The script performs host registration with Red Hat Subscription Manager (if not already done), installs and updates all required packages, and populates the database on the external database host.
    If the installer prompts with the question, "Do you want the installer to resolve dependencies [y/N]?", reply y.
    * RHN Registration.
    ** Registration: Disconnected mode.  Not registering with RHN.
    * Checking for uninstalled prerequisites.
    ** Checking if yum is available ...
    There are some packages from Red Hat Enterprise Linux that are not part
    of the @base group that Satellite will require to be installed on this
    system. The installer will try resolve the dependencies automatically.
    However, you may want to install these prerequisites manually.
    Do you want the installer to resolve dependencies [y/N]? y
    * Installing RHN packages.
    Warning: yum did not install the following packages:
    * Now running spacewalk-setup.
    * Setting up SELinux..
    ** Database: Setting up database connection for PostgreSQL backend.
    Database "rhnschema" does not exist
    ** Database: Installing the database:
    ** Database: This is a long process that is logged in:
    ** Database:   /var/log/rhn/install_db.log
    Database name: mydb
    Database user: mydbuser
    Database password:  mydbpassword
    Local addresses to listen on (comma-separated, RETURN for all):
    Remote addresses to allow connection from (address/netmask format, comma-separated):
    Initializing database:                                     [  OK  ]
    Starting postgresql service:                               [  OK  ]
    *** Progress: ###########################