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4.2.6. Installing the Managed Database

The Managed Database component installs essential packages containing the database server and Red Hat Satellite tools to a host separate from the Red Hat Satellite server.


The same media used for a Red Hat Satellite installation is also used for the Managed Database installation.

Procedure 4.13. Installing the Managed Database

  1. Log into the host to be used for the Managed Database as the root user.
  2. Navigate to the directory containing the Satellite installation program.
    # cd /media/cdrom
  3. Run the installation program from the /media/cdrom/ directory, with the --managed-db and --disconnected options.
    # ./ --managed-db --disconnected


    The --disconnected option is required to prevent the installation program attempting to connect to Red Hat Network.
  4. The installation program asks for the following information.
    • Database name
    • Database user
    • Database password
    • A comma-separated list of local addresses to listen. Leave blank for all addresses.
    • A comma-separated list of remote addresses in address/netmask format. The Managed Database allows connections from these addresses.
    Database name: mydb
    Database user: mydbuser
    Database password:  mydbpassword
    Local addresses to listen on (comma-separated, RETURN for all):
    Remote addresses to allow connection from (address/netmask format, comma-separated):
    Initializing database:                                     [  OK  ]
    Starting postgresql service:                               [  OK  ]
  5. The installation program installs the necessary packages for your Managed Database. This includes a set of management tools for the database.
  6. The installation program also prepares the database for your Red Hat Satellite installation.