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Chapter 13. Maintenance

A Red Hat Satellite requires periodic maintenance. This chapter discusses administrative functions outside of standard use, including how to apply patches to the Red Hat Satellite Server.

13.1. Managing Red Hat Satellite with rhn-satellite

Red Hat Satellite consists of several individual services. Red Hat provides a command line tool (rhn-satellite) to stop, start, or retrieve status information from these various services. This tool accepts all of the standard service commands:
/usr/sbin/rhn-satellite start
/usr/sbin/rhn-satellite stop
/usr/sbin/rhn-satellite restart
/usr/sbin/rhn-satellite reload
/usr/sbin/rhn-satellite enable
/usr/sbin/rhn-satellite disable
/usr/sbin/rhn-satellite status
Use rhn-satellite to control Red Hat Satellite's operation and retrieve status messages from all services at once.