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Chapter 1. Introduction

This guide provides instructions for a full installation of a Red Hat Satellite server. This includes installation, configuration, connection to Red Hat Network, subscription management and content synchronization.

1.1. Red Hat Satellite 5

Red Hat Satellite 5 is life cycle management tool that includes the ability to deploy, manage and monitor a large number of systems. Satellite 5 can be set up in a connected or disconnected mode in which Red Hat software is distributed to client systems using the original pooled subscription approach. The pooled subscription concept is similar to the way in which clients consume entitlements from Red Hat Network Classic.
Features and Functionality

The popular functionality of Satellite 5 includes the ability to provision a large number of systems using kickstart files and activation keys to install and configure systems to a predictable state. This provisioning process associates systems to designated organizations, software and configuration channels, as well as placing systems in predefined system groups. The Satellite 5 provisioning functionality enables administrators to provision thousands of systems in a consistent manner.

Another popular feature is the ability to manage software and configuration files across large numbers of systems in local or remote environments after those systems have been provisioned. One of the well understood concepts of managing software and configuration files in Satellite 5 is the concept of channels. All software and configuration is managed and distributed through channels, and any client needing access to software or configuration content needs to be associated with one or more relevant channels. Further, the ability to clone channels enabled administrators to create the much needed development-production environments required by most enterprises.
Industry Recognition

Satellite 5 is recognized as a solid platform for managing software and configuration files for a large number of systems. It is also well known for the simplicity and consistency of the provisioning process. The Satellite 5 systems management platform is also well known for delivering the correct versions and updated versions of content to the correct systems in a very structured manner. Administrators can manage the Satellite and systems management processes through the Satellite webUI and also through the Satellite API interfaces.

Red Hat Satellite 5 provides organizations with the benefits of Red Hat Network without the need for public Internet access for servers or client systems. This brings together the tools, services, and information repositories needed to maximize the reliability, security, and performance of your systems.