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Chapter 3. Entitlement Certificate

Red Hat Satellite requires a copy of your Red Hat Entitlement Certificate in order to activate it. This Entitlement Certificate is included with your subscription to Red Hat Satellite and is available from the Red Hat Customer Portal.
Download the Entitlement Certificate from the Red Hat Customer Portal and copy it to the Satellite server's file system in any directory. The installation program asks you for its location.


Check your Red Hat account has been granted the necessary entitlements to conduct the installation.

Procedure 3.1. Creating a New Entitlement Certificate

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. Log in using your Red Hat customer account details.
  3. Navigate to Subscriptions in the upper-left corner.
  4. Navigate to Subscription Allocations.
  5. Click New subscription allocation.
  6. Enter a name in the Name field, select Satellite 5.7 from the Type drop-down list, and click Create.
  7. Navigate to the Subscription tab and click Add subscriptions.
  8. For each product to be attached to the manifest, specify the desired quantity in the Entitlements field, and click Submit. It may take several minutes for the subscriptions to be attached.
  9. Click Export Certificate and save the Entitlement Certificate file locally.
The chosen subscriptions are assigned to the Satellite distributor entered on the Customer Portal. This results in an Entitlement Certificate that users can download and use during the Satellite installation process.