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2.4.5. Caching

Beyond the space needed for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation and /var/satellite/, Red Hat Satellite requires space to generate cache files. These cache files are constantly regenerated as they become needed, even if the cache files are deleted. These cache files are stored within /var/cache/rhn, and the storage needs of this directory depend on the following factors:
  • How many channels you synchronize or import from Red Hat or Channel dumps.
  • How many custom packages and channels you have.
  • Whether or not you are using Red Hat Satellite Synchronization.
Provide at least 10 GB of space for /var/cache/rhn/ on a Red Hat Satellite server. For very large environments with numerous channels, packages, and using Inter Satellite Sync, usage can grow to as much as 100 GB of space for cache files in /var/cache/rhn.