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Appendix C. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 4-62Tue Sep 19 2017Satellite Documentation Team
Added information on the required CPU count.
Revision 4-61Thu Aug 22 2017Satellite Documentation Team
Updated the content on database migration scenarios.
Revision 4-60Sat Jul 22 2017Satellite Documentation Team
Updated the content on entitlement certificate expiration.
Revision 4-59Tue Jul 18 2017Satellite Documentation Team
Added instructions on how to migrate from RHN to RHSM.
Revision 4-58Thu Mar 3 2016Dan Macpherson
Adding External Oracle to External PostgreSQL migration
Revision 4-57Thu Sep 24 2015Dan Macpherson
Added Satellite subscription requirement for entitlement certificate
Removing yum update command from directly after the installation completes. Instead, directing customers to full package update procedures. This is to resolve a database schema issue.
Revision 4-56Tue Sep 15 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding extra package requirements to migrations
Revision 4-55Wed Sep 9 2015Dan Macpherson
Modifcations to notes regarding database migration and External DBs
Revision 4-54Thu Aug 20 2015Dan Macpherson
Mass publication of all Satellite 5.7 books
Revision 4-53Mon Aug 17 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding postgresql VACUUM commands
Revision 4-52Mon Aug 17 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding packages per channel to database sizing example
Revision 4-51Tue Aug 11 2015Dan Macpherson
Fixing FIPS upgrade command
Added IPA note
Revision 4-50Wed May 27 2015Dan Macpherson
Minor revisions
Revision 4-49Thu Apr 9 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding database migration procedures
Revision 4-48Thu Mar 12 2015Dan Macpherson
More fixes to Virt Agent section
Revision 4-47Thu Mar 12 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding VIRTWHO_ESX_OWNER parameter
Revision 4-46Thu Mar 5 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding additional virt-who instructions for AD
Revision 4-45Wed Mar 4 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding screenshots to virt-who instructions
Revision 4-44Tue Mar 3 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding virt-who VMware scenario
Revision 4-43Fri Feb 20 2015Dan Macpherson
Minor modification to adduser command in Database Partitioning section
Revision 4-42Tue Feb 17 2015Dan Macpherson
Fixes to database directory (BZ1187537)
Moving database backup to first step in upgrade instructions (BZ#1181420)
Changed VIRTWHO_RHEVM parameter to 1 in example (BZ#1188720)
Typo fixes (BZ#1189366)
Revision 4-41Tue Feb 3 2015Dan Macpherson
Pushing maintenance update for Satellite 5.7
Revision 4-40Thu Jan 15 2015Dan Macpherson
Fixing Database Mount content
Revision 4-39Thu Jan 15 2015Dan Macpherson
Updating to include note for new database location
Revision 4-38Mon Jan 12 2015Dan Macpherson
Final edits to migration instructions
Revision 4-37Wed Jan 7 2015Dan Macpherson
Packaging snapshot versions
Revision 4-36Thu Jan 1 2015Dan Macpherson
Release Candidate for Satellite 5.7
Revision 4-35Mon Dec 8 2014Dan Macpherson
Preparing books for technical review
Revision 4-34Fri Nov 21 2014Dan Macpherson
Revised External Database Requirements to use PostgreSQL 9.2. Also expanded on instructions.
Revision 4-33Mon Nov 17 2014Dan Macpherson
Initial commit of IPA Authentication documentation
Added extra line for speed requiements (BZ#920094)
Specified NLS_CHARACTERSET requirement for Oracle DB (BZ#1088640)
Revision 4-32Fri Oct 17 2014Dan Macpherson
Revised entire guide into three installation scenarios: Embedded, Managed, and External
BZ#920094 - Added bandwidth and network recommendations
BZ#948620 - Moved Inter-Satellite Sync Chapter to Installation Guide
BZ#1015410 - Made steps to Obtain Red Hat Satellite Certificate a seperate chapter
BZ#1016655 - Added requirements for using a mountpoint for the postgresql database
BZ#1019459 - Specified "local storage only" for database
BZ#1023587 - Added Oracle Database Requirements
BZ#1023853 - Changed language regarding registering a system on Subscription Management Applications in Customer Portal
BZ#1023853 - Added quota permission requirement when using an external Oracle database
BZ#1027708 - Added steps to subscribe Managed DB system
BZ#1049442 - Added documentation for Embedded to Managed DB migration (and instructions for the reverse)
BZ#1066728 - Added documentation of bytea_output config for external PostgreSQL 8.4+
BZ#1076594 - Added explicit permissions requirement for Oracle external database user
BZ#1134819 - Added documentation for installation and usage of SAM (for Enhanced Subscription Reporting) as a virtual machine running on Satellite host
Revision 4-31Fri Sep 27 2013Dan Macpherson
Final version of documentation suite
Revision 4-30Wed Sep 18 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor change regarding base OS requirments
Revision 4-29Tue Sep 17 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor changes
Revision 4-28Mon Sep 16 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor changes
Revision 4-27Thu Sep 12 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor changes
Revision 4-26Thu Sep 12 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor changes
Revision 4-25Thu Sep 12 2013Dan Macpherson
Modified RHEL support statement
Revision 4-24Wed Sep 11 2013Dan Macpherson
Converting admonition to step in Enhanced Reporting section
Revision 4-23Tue Sep 10 2013Dan Macpherson
Revised Subtitle, Abstract and Preface for all Guides
Revision 4-22Mon Sep 9 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor change
Revision 4-21Mon Sep 9 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor addition
Revision 4-20Mon Sep 9 2013Dan Macpherson
Enhanced Entitlements Reporting revisions
Revision 4-19Mon Sep 9 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor fix
Revision 4-18Mon Sep 9 2013Dan Macpherson
Implementing Enhanced Entitlements Reporting section
Revision 4-17Mon Sep 9 2013Dan Macpherson
Fixing section ids
Revision 4-16Mon Sep 9 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor changes to export explaination
Revision 4-15Sun Sep 8 2013Dan Macpherson
Adding External PG requirement for postgresql-pltcl
Revision 4-14Sun Sep 8 2013Dan Macpherson
Removing redundant ISS chapter files
Revision 4-13Fri Sep 6 2013Dan Macpherson
Added Database options on script for BZ#1004486
Revision 4-12Thu Aug 29 2013Dan Macpherson
First implementation of QE Review feedback
Revision 4-11Tue Aug 27 2013Dan Macpherson
Adding new Enhanced Entitlement Reporting instructions
Revision 4-10Wed Aug 21 2013Athene Chan
Minor grammatical errors edited in book.
Revision 4-9Tue Aug 20 2013Athene Chan
BZ#993494, 993495, 993496, 993497, 993498, 993499 - quality assurance feedback changes in documentation
Revision 4-8Sun Jul 28 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor change to Book_Info.xml
Revision 4-7Sun Jul 28 2013Dan Macpherson
Adding admonition for external Oracle databases
Revision 4-6Sun Jul 28 2013Dan Macpherson
Second implementation of tech review feedback
Revision 4-5Wed Jul 24 2013Dan Macpherson
Corrections for BZ#987245
Revision 4-4Tue Jul 23 2013Dan Macpherson
First implementation of tech review feedback
Revision 4-3Fri Jul 19 2013Dan Macpherson
Final beta updates
Revision 4-2Fri Jul 12 2013Dan Macpherson
Final beta updates
Revision 4-1Thu Jul 11 2013Dan Macpherson
Beta release creation
Revision 4-0Fri Jul 5 2013Dan Macpherson
New revision of guide for Red Hat Satellite 5.6
Revision 3-19Wed Jan 2 2013Athene Chan
BZ#874888 definition changed on figure 7.1 and 7.2
Revision 3-18Thu Sep 27 2012Dan Macpherson
Minor typo fixes
Revision 3-17Wed Sep 19 2012Dan Macpherson
Final packaging for 5.5
Revision 3-16Wed Aug 22 2012Daniel Macpherson
Minor addition to Troubleshooting chapter
Revision 3-15Wed Aug 22 2012Daniel Macpherson
Minor fix to table
Revision 3-14Tue Aug 21 2012Daniel Macpherson
Added Author Group and frontpage graphic
Revision 3-13Tue Aug 21 2012Daniel Macpherson
Final QE revisions
Redundant graphics and file cleaning
Revision 3-12Tue Aug 21 2012Daniel Macpherson
Final QE revisions
Revision 3-11Tue Aug 21 2012Daniel Macpherson
Revising screenshots
Revision 3-10Tue Aug 21 2012Daniel Macpherson
Minor edits to content
Revision 3-9Tue Aug 21 2012Daniel Macpherson
Minor edits to content
Revision 3-8Mon Aug 20 2012Daniel Macpherson
Added Upgrades chapter
Revision 3-7Mon Aug 20 2012Daniel Macpherson
Implemented feedback from QE review
Revision 3-6Mon Aug 13 2012Daniel Macpherson
Revised graphics in Red Hat style
Revision 3-5Mon Aug 13 2012Daniel Macpherson
BZ#847295 - Added feedback from technical review
Revision 3-4Mon Aug 06 2012Daniel Macpherson
BZ#839503 - Warning note in Chapter 2.4 needs to mention not to subscribe to JBoss Channels
BZ#812737 - RHN Satellite installation guide should explain that system has to be registered to be registered by RHN Classic way
BZ#705164 - Not all applications use only TCP ports
Revision 3-2Mon Aug 06 2012Daniel Macpherson
Book-wide revisions to all chapters
Revision 3-1Wed Jul 11 2012Daniel Macpherson
Revisions to Introduction chapter
Revision 3-0Tue May 22 2012Athene Chan
BZ#822704 - Updated package name "satellite-utils" to "spacewalk-utils", updated command from "satellite-hostname-rename" to "spacewalk-hostname-rename"
BZ#783340 - Updated "s390x" to "IBM System z"
Revision 2-8Wed Jan 4 2012Lana Brindley
BZ#719289 - Install instructions
BZ#735539 - Updated Install using HTTP Proxy instructions
BZ#739582 - Updated PAM instructions
Revision 2-7Wed Jan 4 2012Lana Brindley
BZ#719289 - Install instructions
BZ#632303 - Hardware Req's
BZ#717165 - Layout error
BZ#735539 - Updated Install using HTTP Proxy instructions
BZ#736549 - Changed name of tools package
BZ#738805 - Updated spacewalk report info in Troubleshooting chapter
BZ#739582 - Updated PAM instructions
BZ#767979 - Updated PAM instructions
Revision 2-6Wed Oct 26 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#705164 - Additional Req's
BZ#709100 - FAQs
BZ#717165 - Layout error
BZ#719289 - Add note to Install instructions
BZ#735539 - Added extra setting to Install using HTTP Proxy instructions
BZ#736549 - Changed name of tools package
BZ#739582 - Updated PAM instructions
Revision 2-5Mon Aug 15 2011Lana Brindley
Folded z-stream release into y-stream
Revision 2-4Wed Jul 6 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#717165 - Added RHEL 6 references
Revision 2-3Wed Jun 22 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#713550 - Added RHEL 6 references
Revision 2-2Wed Jun 15 2011Lana Brindley
Prepared for publication
Revision 2-1Fri May 27 2011Lana Brindley
Updates from translators
Revision 2-0Fri May 6 2011Lana Brindley
Prepared for translation
Revision 1-36Tue May 3 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#701292 - Remove outdated section
Revision 1-35Wed April 27 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#637809 - QE review
Revision 1-34Wed April 13 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#695989 - Technical review
Revision 1-33Tue Feb 8 2011Lana Brindley
Reorganised Troubleshooting chapter
Revision 1-32Mon Feb 7 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#535468 - Maintenance
BZ#663225 - Database Requirements
BZ#671085 - Topologies
Revision 1-31Mon Feb 7 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#637809 - Database Requirements
Turned Troubleshooting chapter into Q&A set
BZ#484689 - Troubleshooting
Revision 1-30Mon Jan 31 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#462396 - Additional Requirements
BZ#589375 - Installation
BZ#591259 - Introduction