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6.4. Performing Audit Scans

OpenSCAP integration in Red Hat Satellite Server provides the ability to perform audit scans on client systems. This section describes the methods available for performing these scans.

6.4.1. Using the Web Interface to Perform Audit Scans

This section describes how to use the Satellite web interface to perform audit scans.

Procedure 6.1. To Perform an Audit Scan Using the Web Interface:

  1. Log in to the Satellite web interface.
  2. Click Systemssystem_name.
  3. Click AuditSchedule.
  4. Complete the Schedule New XCCDF Scan page. See Section, “Schedule Page” for information about the fields on this page.


    The XCCDF content is validated before it is run on the remote system. Specifying invalid command-line arguments can cause spacewalk-oscap to fail to validate or run. Due to security concerns the oscap xccdf eval command only accepts a limited set of parameters.


You can run the rhn_check command to ensure that the action is being picked up by the client system.
# rhn_check -vv
If rhnsd or osad are running on the client system, the action will be picked up by these services. To check if they are running, run one of the following commands:
# service rhnsd start
# service osad start
To view the results of the scan, see Section 6.4.3, “Viewing the Results of SCAP Audits”.