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6.5.2. Systems Audit Page

Use the Systems Audit page to schedule and view compliance scans for a particular system. Scans are performed by the OpenSCAP tool, which implements NIST's standard Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). Before you scan a system, ensure that the SCAP content is prepared and all prerequisites are met.
To display the Systems Audit page, click Systemssystem_nameAudit. List Scans

This page displays a summary of all scans completed on the selected system. The following columns are displayed:

Table 6.1. OpenSCAP Scan Labels

Column Label Definition
XCCDF Test Result The scan test result name. This is also a link to the detailed results of the scan.
Completed The exact time the scan finished.
Compliance The unweighted pass:fail ratio of compliance based on the standard that was used.
P The number of checks that passed.
F The number of checks that failed.
E The number of errors that occurred during the scan.
U Unknown
N Not applicable to the machine.
K Not checked.
S Not selected.
I Informational
X Fixed
Total Total number of checks.
Each entry begins with an icon indicating the results of a comparison to a previous similar scan. The icons indicate the following:
  • "List Checked" Icon   No difference between the compared scans.
  • "List Alert" Icon  Arbitrary differences between the compared scans.
  • "List Error" Icon  Major differences between the compared scans. Either there are more failures than the previous scan or less passes.
  • "List Check In" Icon  No comparable scan was found, and therefore no comparison was made.