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6.3. Red Hat Satellite Prerequisites for Using OpenSCAP

The following sections describe the prerequisites for using OpenSCAP on Red Hat Satellite Servers and Satellite Clients.
Package Requirements

  • Satellite Server: Satellite 5.5 or later.
  • Satellite Client: spacewalk-oscap package (available from the Red Hat Network Tools Child Channel).

Entitlement Requirements

A Management entitlement is required for scheduling scans.

Other Requirements

Satellite Client: Distribution of the XCCDF content to all client machines.

You can distribute the XCCDF content to client machines using any of the following methods:
  • Traditional methods, such as CD, USB, NFS, SCP, FTP.
  • Satellite scripts.
  • RPM packages.
    Custom RPMs are the recommended way to distribute SCAP content to other machines. RPM packages can be signed and verified to ensure their integrity. Installation, removal, and verification of RPM packages can be managed from the user interface.