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3.2.2. Performing Offline Database Backups

Red Hat Satellite Server 5.6 provides the ability to perform online backup and restore operations. Red Hat recommends that you continue to perform offline backups during monthly or quarterly maintenance windows. Performing an Offline Backup

The following procedure describes how to back up an embedded Red Hat Satellite server database.

Procedure 3.2. To Create an Offline Backup:

  1. Change to the root user, and run the following command to stop the Satellite server:
    # rhn-satellite stop
  2. Run the following command to create the backup:
    # db-control backup DIRECTORY
    Replace DIRECTORY with the absolute path to the location where you want to store your database backup. This process will take several minutes.
  3. When the backup is complete, run the following command to restart the Satellite server:
    # rhn-satellite start
  4. Copy the backup to another system using rsync or another file-transfer utility. Red Hat strongly recommends scheduling the backup process automatically using cron jobs. For instance, back up the system at 03:00 and then copy the backup to the separate repository (partition, disk, or system) at 06:00.