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Chapter 7. Reporting Client Software Failures

You can take advantage of Red Hat Satellite's software failure reporting capabilities and the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT) to extend the overall reporting functionality of your systems. This extended functionality allows your clients to automatically report software failures captured by ABRT to the Satellite server, and also to process the captured failures in a centralized fashion. You can use either the webUI or the API to process these failure reports.
For information about setting up Red Hat Satellite tools for ABRT on client systems, see the Red Hat Satellite Client Configuration Guide.

7.1. Viewing Software Failures for a Single Client

The following procedure shows how to view software reports for a single client system with Satellite's ABRT tools installed.

Procedure 7.1. To view software failures for a single client

  1. Log into your Red Hat Satellite Web UI.
  2. Click Systemssystem_nameSoftwareSoftware Crashes to see the list of software failures that occurred on the registered system.
  3. Click the required failure to see its details and the files captured for this software failure report.
The individual software failure report from the client system displays.