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Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 3-20.402Thu Aug 20 2015Dan Macpherson
Mass publication of all Satellite 5.6 books
Revision 3-20.401Tue Mar 17 2015Dan Macpherson
Revision 3-20.4002013-10-31Rüdiger Landmann
Rebuild with publican 4.0.0
Revision 3-20Fri Sep 27 2013Dan Macpherson
Final version of documentation suite
Revision 3-19Wed Sep 11 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor change
Revision 3-18Wed Sep 11 2013Dan Macpherson
Modified tablespaces section to align with Satellite 5.6 requirements
Revision 3-17Wed Sep 11 2013Dan Macpherson
Removing old screenshots
Revision 3-16Tue Sep 10 2013Dan Macpherson
Revised Subtitle, Abstract and Preface for all Guides
Revision 3-15Thu Aug 29 2013Dan Macpherson
First implementation of QE Review feedback
Revision 3-14Tues Aug 20 2013Megan Lewis
Corrections for BZ#990387, BZ#990393, BZ#990398, BZ#990400, and BZ#990383
Revision 3-13Mon Jul 29 2013Dan Macpherson
Adding Software Failure chapter based upon tech review feedback
Revision 3-12Sun Jul 28 2013Dan Macpherson
Second implementation of tech review feedback
Revision 3-11Wed Jul 24 2013Dan Macpherson
Corrections for BZ#987245
Revision 3-10Tue Jul 23 2013Dan Macpherson
First implementation of tech review feedback
Revision 3-9Fri Jul 12 2013Dan Macpherson
Final beta updates
Revision 3-8Fri Jul 12 2013Dan Macpherson
Updates to beta packages
Revision 3-6Thu Jul 11 2013David O'Brien
Move chapter on creating RPM files to Reference Guide.
Update section on failover. Include information about online backup and restore.
Review section on OpenSCAP.
Add section on scheduling administrative tasks.
Add section on disaster recovery.
Update section on cloning software channels.
Revision 3-5Wed Sept 19 2012Dan Macpherson
Final packaging for 5.5
Revision 3-4Fri Aug 31 2012Athene Chan
BZ#839798 Minor edit
Revision 3-3Fri Aug 24 2012Athene Chan
BZ#839798 Changed 4.3 example to a standard format
Revision 3-3Fri Aug 24 2012Athene Chan
BZ#839798 Changed 4.3 example to a standard format
Revision 3-2Fri Aug 24 2012Athene Chan
BZ#826501 QA-reviewed changes applied.
BZ#884313 QA-reviewed changes applied.
Revision 3-1Fri Aug 17 2012Athene Chan
BZ#848313 OpenSCAP chapter "How to View SCAP Results" added
Revision 3-0Thu Aug 9 2012Athene Chan
Staging for Review
Revision 2-5Wed Aug 1 2012Athene Chan
BZ#839798 Added spacewalk-clone-by-date chapter
BZ#826501 New OpenSCAP information added
Revision 2-0Fri Jul 6 2012Athene Chan
Prepared for RHN Satellite 5.5 release
BZ#826501 Added OpenSCAP Chapter
OpenSCAP Screenshots added
Revision 1-5Mon Aug 15 2011Lana Brindley
Folded z-stream release into y-stream
Revision 1-4Mon Jun 20 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#701900 - PAM Authentication
Revision 1-3Mon Jun 20 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#714029 - Fixed color in image
Revision 1-2Wed Jun 15 2011Lana Brindley
Prepared for publication
Revision 1-1Fri May 27 2011Lana Brindley
Updates from translators
Revision 1-0Fri May 6, 2011Lana Brindley
Prepare for translation
Revision 0-15Thu May 5, 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#701818 - QE Review
Revision 0-14Mon May 2, 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#248465 - QE Review
Revision 0-13Fri Apr 29, 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#692295 - QE Review
Revision 0-12Mon Apr 18, 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#691985 - Updating image
Revision 0-11Mon Apr 18, 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#691990 - QE Review
Revision 0-10Mon Apr 18, 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#691985 - QE Review
Revision 0-9Thu Apr 14, 2011Lana Brindley
Technical review feedback
Revision 0-8Wed Apr 13, 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#692314 - QE Review
BZ#692294 - QE Review
BZ#692291 - QE Review
BZ#692290 - QE Review
BZ#691988 - QE Review
BZ#691986 - QE Review
BZ#691981 - QE Review
Revision 0-7Wed Mar 23, 2011Lana Brindley
Preparation for technical review
Revision 0-6Mon Feb 19, 2011Lana Brindley
Boot Devices
Revision 0-5Fri Feb 18, 2011Lana Brindley
PAM Authentication
Revision 0-4Mon Jan 10, 2011Lana Brindley
Backup and Restore
Revision 0-3Fri Jan 7, 2011Lana Brindley
User Administration
Automatic Synchronization
Revision 0-2Wed Jan 5, 2011Lana Brindley
User Administration
Revision 0-1Tue Jan 4, 2011Lana Brindley
Completed new chapter structure
Revision 0-0Tue Dec 21, 2010Lana Brindley
New document creation from original RHN Satellite Deployment Guide