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7.2. Upgrading Red Hat Satellite to a New Version

Once you have obtained the required items for the Red Hat Satellite upgrade, follow the next procedure to upgrade.


The following is a basic procedure for upgrading Red Hat Satellite to version 5.6. For comprehensive instructions, see the /etc/sysconfig/rhn/satellite-upgrade/README file in the rhn-upgrade package.

Procedure 7.2. Upgrade Red Hat Satellite

  1. Change your directory to the mounted ISO and run the Installer Program using the --upgrade option.
    # cd /mount/cdrom
    # ./ --upgrade


    Use additional options if your Red Hat Satellite is disconnected or using a Managed Database or External Database. For more information, read Section 4.2.1, “Options for the Installation Script”.
  2. Disable all services on the Red Hat Satellite server:
    # /usr/sbin/rhn-satellite stop


    The next step upgrades the database schema. Ensure the database is running on your Managed Database or External Database. If using an Embedded Database, ensure the database is running via the following command:
    # service postgresql start
  3. Upgrade the database with spacewalk-schema-upgrade:
    # /usr/bin/spacewalk-schema-upgrade


    Make sure to backup your database before upgrading.
  4. Activate the Red Hat Satellite. If using a connected Satellite:
    # rhn-satellite-activate --rhn-cert [PATH-TO-NEW-CERT] --ignore-version-mismatch
    If disconnected, run:
    # rhn-satellite-activate --rhn-cert [PATH-TO-NEW-CERT] --disconnected --ignore-version-mismatch
  5. Rebuild search indexes with the following command:
    # service rhn-search cleanindex
    This command cleans the search indexes for the rhn-search service and then restart it.
  6. Enable Monitoring and Monitoring Scout. To enable Monitoring without enabling Monitoring Scout, run the following command:
    # /usr/share/spacewalk/setup/upgrade/
    To enable both Monitoring and Monitoring Scout, run the following command:
    # /usr/share/spacewalk/setup/upgrade/ --enable-scout
  7. Restart all Red Hat Satellite services:
    # /usr/sbin/rhn-satellite restart
The upgrade procedure is complete and Red Hat Satellite is ready to use again.


Perform a database vacuum to reclaim space from obsolete tuples. See Section 8.8, “Maintaining the Database” for more information.