4.4.5. Installing Behind a HTTP Proxy: Post-Configuration

After a completed installation, modify your settings in the /etc/rhn/rhn.conf file:
server.satellite.http_proxy = <http-proxy-fqdn>
server.satellite.http_proxy_username = <proxy-username>
server.satellite.http_proxy_password = <proxy-password>

You will also need to update the /etc/rhn/rhn.conf file to include the parent parameter satellite.rhn.redhat.com:
server.satellite.rhn_parent = satellite.rhn.redhat.com


Alternatively, if you are using the Red Hat Satellite web interface, log in as a user with Administrator privileges. Browse to AdminRed Hat Satellite ConfigurationGeneral. From here, enter the HTTP Proxy settings, and toggle the Disconnected Red Hat Satellite option.
Restart the Red Hat Satellite service:
# rhn-satellite restart
Reactivate the Red Hat Satellite as a connected Satellite:
# rhn-satellite-activate --rhn-cert=<path-to-cert>
You now have a connected Red Hat Satellite communicating behind an HTTP proxy.