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4.3. Installation Script Process

The following instructions assume the Red Hat Satellite installation media is mounted at /media/cdrom/. The installation media contains the Installation Script.
This section guides the user through the installation process using the installer script.

4.3.1. Running the Installer Script

The following procedure starts the installation procedure. Ensure to run this procedure as the root user.


The Installation Script updates the kernel and all required packages.

Procedure 4.5. Running Installation Script

  1. Run the installer script with an option to install with either Embedded Database, Managed Database, or External Database.
    Regardless of which database option is used, the --disconnected option is required to prevent the installer attempting to connect to Red Hat Network.
    1. Embedded Database - From the /media/cdrom/ directory, enter the following command to start the Installation Script:
      # ./ --disconnected
    2. Managed Database - From the /media/cdrom/ directory, enter the following command to start the Installation Script:
      # ./ --external-postgresql --disconnected
      Make sure you have completed the Managed Database requirements before running this command. See Section 2.3.2, “Managed Database Requirements” for these requirements.
    3. External Database - From the /media/cdrom/ directory, enter one of the following commands to start the Installation Script:
      For a PostgreSQL External Database:
      # ./ --external-postgresql --disconnected
      For an Oracle External Database:
      # ./ --external-oracle --disconnected
  2. The script first completes prerequisite checks. These checks determine all prerequisites from Chapter 2, Requirements are met before proceeding with the installation.
    * Starting the Red Hat Satellite installer.
    * Performing pre-install checks.
    * Pre-install checks complete.  Beginning installation.
    * RHN Registration.
    ** Registration: Disconnected mode.  Not registering with RHN.
    The Satellite registration with Red Hat Network does not apply, because the installer is being run in disconnected mode.
  3. The installer then continues to install its prerequisite packages. Reply y to the prompt Do you want the installer to resolve dependencies [y/N]?.
    * Checking for uninstalled prerequisites.
    ** Checking if yum is available ...
      There are some packages from Red Hat Enterprise Linux that are not part
      of the @base group that Satellite will require to be installed on this
      system. The installer will try resolve the dependencies automatically.
      However, you may want to install these prerequisites manually.
      Do you want the installer to resolve dependencies [y/N]?y
    * Installing RHN packages.
    * Now running spacewalk-setup.
    * Setting up Selinux..
The next section sets up the database for your installation.