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2.2. Red Hat Satellite Server Requirements

This section specifies a Red Hat Satellite server's hardware considerations and requirements for installation.
Depending on the desired use case, a Red Hat Satellite environment might require multiple machines:
  • Red Hat Satellite with Embedded Database - 1 machine
  • Red Hat Satellite with Embedded Database and Enhanced Reporting - 2 machines
  • Red Hat Satellite with Managed/External Database - 2 machines
  • Red Hat Satellite with Managed/External Database and Enhanced Reporting - 3 machines

2.2.1. x86_64 Hardware Requirements

The following list shows the required and recommended hardware configurations on the x86_64 platform for a Red Hat Satellite server:


  • Required: Intel dual-core processor, 2.4GHz, 512K cache or equivalent
  • Recommended: Intel quad-core processor, 2.4GHz dual processor, 512K cache or equivalent


  • Required: 4 GB of memory
  • Recommended: 8 GB of memory


  • 5 GB storage for base installation
  • A minimum of 40 GB storage per software channel (including Base and child channels), in /var/satellite/, configurable at install
  • A minimum of 10 GB storage for cache files stored within /var/cache/rhn. See Section 2.4.4, “Caching” for more information.
  • Strongly Recommended: A SCSI drive connected to a level 5 RAID



Red Hat Satellite 5.6 now stores Embedded Database files within /var/lib/pgsql/ instead of /rhnsat/. Take in consideration this change of disk location for Embedded Database files for previous Satellite deployments. Ensure to allocate sufficient disk space for the /var/lib/pgsql/ directory.


  • A separate partition (or better, a separate set of physical disks) for storing backups, which can be any directory specifiable at backup time
  • An external SAN for more reliable backups