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2.3.3. External Database Requirements

The External Database version of Red Hat Satellite requires additional hardware considerations. This section specifies these requirements when installing the Red Hat Satellite server and connecting to an external database.
Red Hat supports Red Hat Satellite installations on a External Database using one of the following:
  • PostgreSQL 8.4 or greater
  • Oracle Database 11g Standard and Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Standard and Enterprise Edition
Ensure the External Database runs on a different server to the Red Hat Satellite.


The following database migrations are not supported:
  • PostgreSQL Databases to Oracle Databases
  • PostgreSQL Embedded Database to PostgreSQL External Database
  • PostgreSQL External Database to PostgreSQL Embedded Database PostgreSQL Database Requirements

If running a PostgreSQL External Database, install the postgresql-pltcl package to your system. This package contains the PL/Tcl procedural language for PostgreSQL, which Satellite's audit logging features require. To install this package, log in to your External Database server and run the following command:
# yum install postgresql-pltcl


If running a PostgreSQL External Database on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, use the postgresql84-pltcl package.
PostgreSQL requires some tuning to provide the optimal performance of your Red Hat Satellite server. For manual tuning of your /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf, set the following parameters:
#shared_buffers = 24MB
maintenance_work_mem = 224MB
checkpoint_completion_target = 0.7
effective_cache_size = 2560MB
work_mem = 6MB
wal_buffers = 4MB
checkpoint_segments = 8
shared_buffers = 896MB
max_connections = 600
listen_addresses = '*'
bytea_output = 'escape'


The bytea_output parameter sets the correct encoding for bytea datatypes. Without this parameter, Satellite's Taskomatic service fails.
Restart the PostgreSQL server for these changes to take effect:
# service postgresql92-postgresql restart