5.4.4. Downloading an Enhanced Entitlements Subscription Manifest

The following procedure describes the process for downloading a Red Hat Satellite 5 Enhanced Entitlements Subscription Manifest from the Red Hat Customer Portal.


See Chapter 3, Entitlement Certificate for steps on generating a Subscription Manifest with your Satellite 5 Entitlements Certificate.

Procedure 5.3. To Download an Enhanced Entitlements Manifest

  1. Navigate to the Red Hat Customer Portal (access.redhat.com) in your web browser.
  2. Navigate to SubscriptionsSubscription ManagementSubscription Management Applications.
  3. Click the Satellite tab.
  4. Click the name of the Red Hat Satellite 5 server.
  5. Click the Download manifest button and choose a location to save your manifest.


    The Download manifest button is only available if subscriptions are attached. Ensure to add subscriptions to your manifest by clicking the Attach a subscription link.
The Enhanced Entitlements Subscription Manifest is downloaded.


Make sure to upload the manifest into the root organization created from the initial run of spacewalk-splice-tool.