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5.4.4. Downloading an Enhanced Entitlements Subscription Manifest

The following procedure describes the process for downloading a Red Hat Satellite 5 Enhanced Entitlements Subscription Manifest from the Red Hat Customer Portal.


See Chapter 3, Entitlement Certificate for steps on generating a Subscription Manifest with your Satellite 5 Entitlements Certificate.

Procedure 5.3. To Download an Enhanced Entitlements Manifest

  1. Navigate to the Red Hat Customer Portal ( in your web browser.
  2. Navigate to SubscriptionsSubscription ManagementSubscription Management Applications.
  3. Click the Satellite tab.
  4. Click the name of the Red Hat Satellite 5 server.
  5. Click the Download manifest button and choose a location to save your manifest.


    The Download manifest button is only available if subscriptions are attached. Ensure to add subscriptions to your manifest by clicking the Attach a subscription link.
The Enhanced Entitlements Subscription Manifest is downloaded.


Make sure to upload the manifest into the root organization created from the initial run of spacewalk-splice-tool.