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5.4. Enhanced Entitlements Reporting

Red Hat Satellite now integrates with Subscription Asset Manager to provide a rich Enhanced Entitlements Reporting interface that maps your purchased products to systems registered within Satellite. The Red Hat Customer Portal now provides subscription manifests from Satellite 5-registered systems, which are imported into Subscription Asset Manager to provide the new reporting features. This manifest file contains information about the subscriptions available in the Satellite 5 entitlement certificate.


The instructions in this section provide an overview of Enhanced Entitlements Reporting configuration only. For in-depth instructions on Enhanced Entitlements Reporting and Subscription Asset Manager in general, see the Using Subscription Asset Manager in the Red Hat Subscription Management documentation suite.

5.4.1. Enhanced Entitlements Reporting Requirements

Enhanced Entitlements Reporting requires two individual servers with the following applications installed respectively:
  • Server 1: Red Hat Satellite 5.6 or later
  • Server 2: Red Hat Subscription Asset Manager (SAM) 1.3 or later


Server 2: Subscription Asset Manager (SAM) is supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 64-bit only.