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4.4.4. Switch Satellite to Connected Mode

The installation was completed in disconnected mode, so must be switched to connected mode.

Procedure 4.6. Switch to Connected Mode

  1. Edit the Red Hat Network configuration file /etc/rhn/rhn.conf and make the following changes:
    1. Edit the server.satellite.rhn_parent line as follows.
      # server.satellite.rhn_parent =
    2. Change the line disconnected=1 to disconnected=0.
  2. Validate the configuration changes.
    1. # spacewalk-cfg-get get server disconnected
      The expected output is 0, confirming that disconnected mode is not enabled.
    2. # spacewalk-cfg-get get server.satellite rhn_parent
      The expected output is
  3. Reactivate the Satellite Server.
    # rhn-satellite-activate -vvv --rhn-cert=Satellite-56.cert
    The rhn-satellite-activate command requires as input the certificate downloaded in Section 4.1.3, “Obtaining an Entitlement Certificate”. In this example, the certificate was saved in file Satellite-56.cert.
    When the Satellite Server is reactivated, you may see the message ERROR: Server not registered? No systemid: /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid. This can be safely ignored because the systemid file is the Red Hat Network system ID and no longer relevant.