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4.3.3. Working With Your Virtual Systems

Once you have set up your virtual system, you can then manage and customize it via various methods, including connecting via SSH and via the virtualization management interface on the host system.


This section deals primarily with Xen hosts. In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, Xen is currently not supported, and KVM is the recommended virtualization method. See the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization Guide for detailed instructions on KVM usage. Logging into Virtual Systems Directly via SSH

  1. You will need to locate the virtual system's IP address. Locate it by navigating to the SystemsVirtual Systems tab and clicking on the virtual system's profile name.
  2. On the virtual system's profile page, you'll find the IP address in the left-hand column in the IP Address field.
  3. Connect to the IP address by using ssh as root with the password you set for the virtual system in the kickstart profile.