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2.2.2. Changing an Organization's Software Channel Entitlement

To change system entitlements within the Organization:
  1. Click the Admin menu, and select Organization.
  2. Choose an organization from the list and select the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Within the Subscriptions interface, click the Software Channel Entitlements tab to see all entitlements for all organizations, and their usage. Change the Regular Proposed Total according to the planned channel entitlements that should be allocated to the organization. The minimum and maximum totals are indicated below the field.
    Channel entitlements can be either Regular or Flex. Any system can use a regular entitlement. Flex entitlements can only be used by systems that have been detected as being guests of a supported virtualization type.
  4. Click on Update Organization to update all changes.


Organization Administrators that create a custom channel can only use that channel within their organization unless an Organizational Trust is established between the organizations that want to share the channel. For more information about organizational trusts, see Section 2.3.3, “Managing Organizational Trusts”.