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2.2. Managing Organization Entitlements

Once you have created a new organization, it is important to assign entitlements for it. The following entitlements are necessary:
  • System Entitlement - Management entitlement is a base requirement for all organizations to function correctly. The number of management entitlements allocated to an organization is equivalent to the maximum number of systems that can register to that organization on the Red Hat Satellite, regardless of the number of software entitlements available. For example, if there are 100 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Client entitlements available in total, but only 50 management system entitlements are available to the organization, only 50 systems are able to register to that organization. Provisioning is also recommended especially for systems managed in organizations.
  • Software Channel Entitlements - for systems that use Red Hat channels, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server would be required. The Red Hat Network Tools channel would also be recommended. The Red Hat Network Tools channel contains various client software required for extended Red Hat Satellite functionality, such as clients necessary for configuration management and kickstart support as well as the rhn-virtualization package, which is necessary for the entitlements of Xen and KVM virtual guests to be counted correctly.

2.2.1. Changing an Organization's System Entitlement

To manage system entitlements within the Organization:
  1. Click the Admin menu, and select Organization.
  2. Choose an organization from the list and select the Subscriptions tab. The page defaults to System Entitlements.
  3. Change the Proposed Totals of system entitlements based on how many entitlements should be allocated to the organization. The maximum and minimum totals are indicated just below the fields.
  4. Click Update Organization to update all changes.