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2.3.2. Configuring Systems in an Organization

Now that an organization has been created and requisite entitlements assigned to it, you can then assign systems to each organization.
There are two basic ways to register a system against a particular organization:
  1. Registering Using Login and Password - If you provide a login and password created for a specified organization, the system will be registered to that organization. For example, if user-123 is a member of the Central IT organization on the Satellite, the following command on any system would register that system to the Central IT organization on your Satellite:
    # rhnreg_ks --username=user-123 --password=foobaz


    The --orgid (for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5) parameter in rhnreg_ks are not related to Satellite registration or Red Hat Satellite's multiple organizations support.
  2. Registering Using An Activation Key - You can also register a system to an organization using an activation key from the organization. Activation keys will register systems to the organization in which the activation key was created. Activation keys are a good registration method to use if you want to allow users to register systems into an organization without providing them login access to that organization. If you want to move systems between organizations, you may also automate the move with scripts using the activation keys.


    Activation keys have a new format since Red Hat Satellite 5.1.0, so the first few characters of the activation key are used to indicate which organization (by ID number) owns the activation.