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4.2.3. Managing Systems with System Set Manager

System Set Manager (SSM) allows administrators to work with large numbers of systems in the Red Hat Satellite server, performing system management, maintenance, and deployment. SSM is used when working with systems that are in different system groups but require similar maintenance, configuration or deployment changes.
There are other various features that System Set Manager can offer:
  • Scheduling errata updates, as well as upgrading, installing and removing packages
  • Managing systems' channel membership, the deployment of configuration channels and configuration channel subscriptions
  • Provisioning systems, running remote commands and tagging systems for snapshot rollbacks
  • Migrating systems to another organization and setting custom values for selected systems in the Satellite
In order to use SSM, make sure that systems have been added to SSM. This is the first action that should be undertaken before using SSM features. Adding Systems to SSM

Adding systems to SSM will allow the administrator to administer updates, configuration changes, etc to a specific group of systems regardless of the system group they belong to. To add a system to SSM:
  1. Click SystemsSystems.
  2. Click on the system name.
  3. On the top right-hand corner of the page, click add to ssm.
This should add the system to the system list in SSM.