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1.3.6. Enabling Configuration Management on Systems

The following requirements need to be met before configuration management can be enabled on systems:
  • Target systems need a provisioning entitlement. See the Systems chapter for the procedure on how to add a provisioning entitlement to a system.
  • A subscription to the Red Hat Satellite Tools channel. See the Systems chapter for the procedure on how to change a child channel.
  1. Log in as Channel Administrator or Satellite Administrator.
  2. Click on Configuration.
  3. On the right-hand frame marked as Configuration Actions, click Enable Configuration Management on Systems.
  4. Select systems to enable.
  5. Schedule the package installation of the rhcfg-* packages. Select a time for these configuration packages to be installed.
  6. Click Enable Red Hat Satellite Configuration Management.
  7. Open a terminal console on the individual systems or remotely login as root. The following actions need to be performed:
    1. Run this command to complete the pending rhncfg-* package installation:
      # rhn_check
    2. Run the following command to enable Red Hat Network actions:
      # rhn-actions-control --enable-all