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1.3.3. Adding Configuration Files to the Configuration Channel

  1. Log in as a Channel Administrator or an Organization Administrator.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. On the submenu on the left, click on Configuration Channels.
  4. Select the configuration channel the configuration files will be added to.
  5. Click on the subtab Add Files.
  6. File in the required fields:
    • File to Upload - the maximum allowed file size for configuration files is 128kb.
    • Filename/Path - the path in the target system the configuration file should be deployed to.
    • Ownership - the user and group that owns the file. If the user and group added in the fields do not exist on the systems where the file is being deployed to, the deployment will fail.
    • File Permissions Mode - permissions on the file based on who can modify it. For example, '644' for text files and '755' for directories and executables will allow global access or execution (but not modification).
    • SELinux context - enter SELinux context like: user_u:role_r:type_t:s0-s15:c0.c1024.
    • Macro Delimiters - a listing of available macros are in the next section, Section 1.3.4, “Including Macros in Configuration Files”