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1.3. Managing Configuration Channels

Red Hat Satellite has features to manage the organization's configuration files. This includes files that are managed centrally in configuration channels and files that are managed locally via individual system profiles. Only a Configuration Administrator or a Satellite Administrator can see these files.
This allows organizations to deploy similar configurations to a group of systems and manage configuration changes centrally.
Centrally-managed files are those that are available to multiple systems; changes to a single file in a central configuration channel can affect many systems. In addition, there are local configuration channels. Each system with a Provisioning entitlement has a local configuration channel (also referred to as an override channel) and a Sandbox channel. Local configuration channels are not created within Red Hat Satellite; local configuration channels automatically exist for each system to which a Provisioning entitlement has been applied.

1.3.1. Preparing Systems for Config Management

For a system to have its configuration managed through Satellite, it must have the appropriate tools and the config-enable file installed. These tools may already be installed on the system, especially if the system was kickstarted with configuration management functionality. If not, they can be found within the Red Hat Network Tools child channel. The following packages should be downloaded and installed:
  • rhncfg - The base libraries and functions needed by all rhncfg-* packages.
  • rhncfg-actions - The code required to run configuration actions scheduled via the Red Hat Network website.
  • rhncfg-client - A command line interface to the client features of the Red Hat Network Configuration Management system.
  • rhncfg-management - A command line interface used to manage Red Hat Network configuration.