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1.2.11. Deleting Software Channels

Red Hat Satellite Server and Red Hat Satellite Proxy Server administrators have the ability to remove unused channels. This action is conducted within the ChannelsManage Software Channels page. Click delete software channel at the top-right corner of the page to remove the channel. On the following page, click Delete Channel to finish the action.


The ChannelsManage Software Channels page is described in detail in Section 1.2.7, “Basic Channel Details”.


Packages do not get deleted together with the channel. To delete packages from Red Hat Satellite, please See Section 1.2.10, “Removing Software Packages”.
The following factors should be taken into consideration before removing a channel via the website:
  • Packages from the channel will remain on the server even if the channel is removed. There is an option to delete them after.
  • Any errata related to the channel may be orphaned after the channel deletion.
  • The Satellite server will not delete a parent channel if a child channel exists. Delete all child channels before deleting the parent.
  • Kickstart distributions must be dissociated from the channel or deleted before deleting the channel.
  • If the established channel on the Proxy is connected to a Satellite, delete the channel on the Red Hat Satellite Proxy Server.