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3.5. Provisioning Rollbacks with Snapshots

Snapshots are taken when an action takes place on a system. These snapshots identify groups, channels, packages, and configuration files. Satellite administrators with provisioning entitlements have the ability to roll back the package profile, local configuration files and RHN settings of systems through snapshot rollbacks.


While snapshot rollbacks support the ability to revert certain changes to the system, this is not applicable to every scenario. For example, you can roll back a set of RPM packages, but rolling back across multiple update levels is not supported.
The Snapshots subtab is located within System DetailsProvisioningSnapshots. The Snapshots subtab lists all the snapshots for the system, including:
  • The reason the snapshot was taken
  • The time it was taken
  • The number of tags applied to each snapshot

Procedure 3.14. Performing a Snapshot Rollback

To revert to a previous configuration:
  1. Click on Systems.
  2. Click on the system that requires a roll back.
  3. Choose the ProvisioningSnapshots tab.
  4. Click the Reason of the snapshot taken and review the potential changes on the provided subtabs, starting with Rollback.
  5. Check each subtab for the specific changes that will be made to the system during the rollback:
    • group memberships
    • channel subscriptions
    • installed packages
    • configuration channel subscriptions
    • configuration files
    • snapshot tags
  6. When satisfied with the reversion, return to the Rollback subtab and click the Rollback to Snapshot button. To see the list again, click Return to snapshot list.

3.5.1. Using Snapshot Tags

Snapshot tags are a means to add meaningful descriptions to system snapshots. They can be used to indicate known working configurations, successful upgrades or other milestones.

Procedure 3.15. Creating Snapshot Tags

On the Snapshot tab:
  1. Click create new system tag.
  2. Enter a descriptive term in the Tag name field.
  3. Click Tag Current Snapshot.
To use the tags, click the tag name in the Snapshot Tags list.