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Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 4-39.406Thu Aug 20 2015Dan Macpherson
Mass publication of all Satellite 5.6 books
Revision 4-39.405Mon Dec 16 2013Rüdiger Landmann
Rebuild with Publican 4.0.0
Revision 4-39Tue Dec 10 2013Athene Chan
BZ#1037845 Added snapshot rollback section to the Getting Started Guide.
Revision 4-38Fri Sep 27 2013Dan Macpherson
Final version of documentation suite.
Revision 4-37Wed Sep 11 2013Dan Macpherson
Revised CD and DVD Boot image step for proper use of mkisofs as per BZ#966580
Revision 4-36Tue Sep 10 2013Dan Macpherson
Revised Subtitle, Abstract and Preface for all Guides
Revision 4-35Wed Sep 4 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor fix to kickstart script layout
Revision 4-34Wed Sep 4 2013Dan Macpherson
Typo corrections for BZ#993500
Revision 4-33Wed Sep 4 2013Dan Macpherson
Removing informal language from Kickstart script for BZ#859240
Revision 4-32Wed Sep 4 2013Dan Macpherson
Fixing line regarding kickstart profile wizards for BZ#997724
Revision 4-31Tue Sep 3 2013Megan Lewis
Final implementation of QE feedback for BZ#997732
Revision 4-30Mon Sep 2 2013Dan Macpherson
Final changes to USB Boot Media appendix based on BZ#997714
Revision 4-29Mon Sep 2 2013Dan Macpherson
Fixed directory and added admonition to boot USB proceduresw
Revision 4-28Mon Sep 2 2013Dan Macpherson
Revised Boot USB procedure
Revision 4-27Mon Sep 2 2013Dan Macpherson
Implementation of QE feedback from BZ#997724 and BZ#997725
Revision 4-26Mon Sep 2 2013Athene Chan
BZ#906594 Cobbler --standalone content edited.
Revision 4-25Fri Aug 30 2013Dan Macpherson
Minor typo change
Revision 4-24Fri Aug 30 2013Dan Macpherson
Implementing QE feedback from BZ#997719
Revision 4-23Thu Aug 29 2013Dan Macpherson
First implementation of QE Review feedback
Revision 4-22Thu Aug 29 2013Megan Lewis
More typo corrections
Revision 4-21Wed Aug 28 2013Megan Lewis
More typo corrections
Revision 4-20Tue Aug 27 2013Dan Macpherson
Modified Support Statement for Cobbler
Revision 4-19Fri Aug 23 2013Megan Lewis
Typo corrections
Revision 4-18Mon Aug 5 2013Dan Macpherson
Additional typo corrections
Revision 4-17Mon Aug 5 2013Dan Macpherson
Typo corrections
Revision 4-16Sun Jul 28 2013Dan Macpherson
Second implementation of tech review feedback
Revision 4-15Wed Jul 25 2013Megan Lewis
Implementation of Tech Review feedback
Revision 4-14Wed Jul 24 2013Dan Macpherson
Corrections for BZ#987245
Revision 4-13Tue Jul 23 2013Dan Macpherson
First implementation of tech review feedback
Revision 4-12Fri July 12 2013Dan Macpherson
Final beta updates
Revision 4-11Fri July 12 2013Dan Macpherson
Updates to Beta docs
Revision 4-10Thurs July 9 2013Athene Chan
BZ#983254 Additional requirement added to the PXE Provisioning section.
BZ#983289 Related to the other bug, added requirements to the Cobbler section.
Revision 4-9Tue July 9 2013Athene Chan
Updated Channel Package Management chapter based on technical reviews.
Revision 4-8Thu June 27 2013Athene Chan
Updated all rebranded products to the correct names.
BZ#906594 Added KS Reprovisioning information to book.
Revision 4-7Thu June 20 2013Athene Chan
Edited procedures to reflect updated user interfaces and features.
Revision 4-6Fri May 17 2013Athene Chan
BZ#906585 842250 846687 860217 926585 906599 906606 906631 Edited content based on bugs lodged against it.
Revision 4-5Tue Apr 23 2013Athene Chan
BZ#908911 All dashes standardized to correct one.
BZ#923548 Subtitles added to the Getting Started Guide.
Revision 4-4Thu Apr 11 2013Athene Chan
Extensive changes made to the Getting Started Guide chapters.
New Content added.
Revision 4-3Thu Feb 28 2013Athene Chan
Table of Contents changed in preparation for next version.
New Chapters created for new versions.
Revision 4-2Wed Sept 19 2012Dan Macpherson
Final packaging for 5.5
Revision 4-1Thu Aug 9 2012Athene Chan
Staging for release
Revision 4-0Mon June 25 2012Athene Chan
Updated Chapters 1 and 2 for Red Hat Network Satellite 5.5
Edited Chapters 3 - 5 for Red Hat Network Satellite 5.5
BZ#787348 Incorrect Cobbler iptables line
BZ#702529 Additional Kickstart information added
BZ#797688 Cobbler Boot ISO is not supported
Revision 3-0Thu May 31 2012Athene Chan
BZ#826803 - Punctuation correction on Section "Kickstarting a Machine"
Minor grammatical changes in the kickstart section.
Revision 2-0Thu May 24 2012Athene Chan
BZ#783339 - Sentence restructuring on section "Provisioning Troubleshooting Taskomatic"
BZ#783340 - Updated "s390x" to "IBM System z"
Revision 1-3Mon Aug 15 2011Lana Brindley
Folded z-stream release into y-stream
Revision 1-2Wed Jun 15 2011Lana Brindley
Prepared for publication
Revision 1-1Fri May 27 2011Lana Brindley
Updates from translators
Revision 1-0Fri May 6, 2011Lana Brindley
Final QE Review edits
Prepared for translation
Revision 0-8Thu May 5, 2011Lana Brindley
BZ#701822 - QE Review
Revision 0-7Thu April 14, 2011Lana Brindley
Technical review feedback
Revision 0-6Wed March 23, 2011Lana Brindley
Preparation for technical review
Revision 0-5Tue March 22, 2011Lana Brindley
Revision 0-4Tue March 22, 2011Lana Brindley
Revision 0-3Mon March 21, 2011Lana Brindley
Multiple Satellites
Revision 0-2Thu March 17, 2011Lana Brindley
Advanced Commands
Some chapter restructuring
Revision 0-1Wed Jan 5, 2011Lana Brindley
Completed new chapter structure
Revision 0-0Tue Dec 21, 2010Lana Brindley
New document creation from original Red Hat Network Satellite Deployment Guide