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2.3. Using Activation Keys to Register Clients with Red Hat Satellite

Red Hat recommends using activation keys for registering and configuring client systems that access Red Hat Proxy or Red Hat Satellite. You can use activation keys to register, entitle, and subscribe multiple systems in a single operation. See the relevant section in the Red Hat Satellite Getting Started Guide for more information about activation keys.

Procedure 2.2. To Use Activation Keys to Register a System with Red Hat Satellite:

  1. Generate an activation key. (See "Using Activation Keys" in the Red Hat Satellite Getting Started Guide.)
  2. Import custom GPG keys.
  3. Download and install the SSL Certificate RPM from the /pub/ directory of the Red Hat Proxy or Red Hat Satellite. For example (update the URL to suit your environment):
    # rpm -Uvh
  4. Register the system with the Red Hat Proxy or Red Hat Satellite:
    # rhnreg_ks --activationkey mykey --serverUrl 
Alternatively, most of the above steps can be combined in a shell script that includes the following lines:
wget -0 - | bash
&& rhnreg_ks --activation-key my_key --serverUrl


This command has been split into multiple lines for print and PDF purposes but should be typed as one line at a shell prompt.
The bootstrap script, generated at installation and available for both Red Hat Satellite Server and Red Hat Proxy Server, is such a script. The script and the Red Hat Network Bootstrap that generates it are discussed in detail in the Getting Started Guide.