Chapter 4. Upgrade Quay Bridge Operator

To upgrade the Quay Bridge Operator (QBO), change the Channel Subscription update channel in the Subscription tab to the desired channel.

When upgrading QBO from version 3.5 to 3.7, a number of extra steps are required:

  1. You need to create a new QuayIntegration custom resource. This can be completed in the Web Console or from the command line.


    - apiVersion:
      kind: QuayIntegration
        name: example-quayintegration-new
        clusterID: openshift 1
          name: quay-integration
          namespace: openshift-operators
        insecureRegistry: false

    Make sure that the clusterID matches the value for the existing QuayIntegration resource.
  2. Create the new QuayIntegration custom resource:

    $ oc create -f upgrade-quay-integration.yaml
  3. Delete the old QuayIntegration custom resource.
  4. Delete the old mutatingwebhookconfigurations:

    $ oc delete quay-bridge-operator